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A piece of Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet diamond replicas a simple dream

According to the BBC, 36-year-old Iwasaki Kiyo of Maebashi in Japan took only 160 yen and started riding a bicycle in 2001, traveling 37 years in Korea, China, Vietnam and Thailand in eight years Country, total travel 45,000km. Iwasaki also plan to move on and spend five years riding a bike tour of Africa. South America and North America, and finally returned to Japan, writing a bizarre experience riding the world book.

A 36-year-old Japanese with only 160 yen, you can ride freely around the world, not the pursuit of ease of life and luxury jewelry, you can wantonly spend time, it is really envy. 36 years old, most Chinese people have got married and have children, are working day and night for the mortgage, there is a small but sad for the old bar.

I am curious, Guiichi Iwasaki, 36 years old, or a “do nothing”, even if there is a writing goal, but also set in 5 years later. At that time, he should be a 40 several people, a 40-year-old man, rely on a self-professed book to see the second half of life, in our eyes, this is not a joke?

Look at me and the people around me again. I graduated from secondary school without doing anything at home, and then later because of the long time boring at home and nagging in the family, to find work around, maybe you can not imagine that kind of life, I made the first job is to do syrup Shop attendant, low wages, not only can not afford to buy decent clothes and more luxury jewelry. Midway also changed two jobs, until now this job is still satisfactory, and then follows the tradition, step by step. I am an ordinary Chinese, but I am proud. I squeezed into the crowd of social life. And one of my friends is not so lucky, he advocates freedom, now graduated for several years, has not begun to fall in love, but also met a lot of worship midway woman. Experienced several times, he has begun to love this matter do not have any hope, and in fashion terms, he is now considered the remnants of the age of the bar now, but also “Qi Tian Da Yu” too! The most terrible thing is that he changed countless times for the work, but I have forgotten so many times that he has not squeezed into the mainstream of social life and has become the “alternative”, “weird coffee” and “tyrant” in our eyes. He wanted love a few times, but eventually he was beaten by the reality of the other’s “You did not go a long way and if you lived with you, what can you bring me?”

In this way, I was kidnapped in my life and kidnapped into a so-called “normal person” in society. My friend was kidnapped and kidnapped as a “non-normal person.” From small to large, we are all parents of “money in the palm of your hand”, we do not know what kind of life we ​​Want, what kind of jewelry to keep, and so we know what kind of life we ​​Want. We have been kidnapped by the mainstream of society and we cannot break free from it. Of course, after weighing off, he finally decided to give his friend a hand and pursue the life he wanted. Real life did not eventually allow him the freedom to succeed. He did not finally get rid of the fate of being abducted by his life.

Iwasaki Kiyichi said: “Most tourists and adventurers need money to travel around the world, and I want to prove that if you have a strong desire, you can realize your dream of traveling around the world. I have been traveling for eight years so far I will continue to travel around the world in this way, and I do not have any credit cards or traveler’s checks on me, and I rely purely on a strong desire. ”

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Yes, the wish is to get rid of the magic weapon of kidnapping in life. However, many of us walked away to forget that our original wish was merely a steady life or the vanity of luxury jewelry. We did not know how happy we were to realize our wishes. We could only be kidnapped by our lives. If one day we live our life for our own wishes, then we will become social deserters and we will be “abnormal.” At this moment, I was thinking that when I was a kid, school teachers taught us that “there must be a dream for a man to have a life,” and a middle school teacher taught us to be “a man of life.” After the secondary school, the teacher taught us to “get down to work.” Childhood dream? It may be the impact of small to big time to finish it.

Remember Stephen Chow’s a movie, he experienced poverty, disappointment after the scene, his own age in the sea, crying out to the sea “Do not have a dream, what is the difference between a salted fish?” So, in the real world, are we all the same people as live fish? Young people, cheer up, we have to take a step towards a dream every day, even if it is only for their own little dreams of an expensive jewelry, but also hard work ah.

Like why we can only admire Iwasaki Kiyoshi, but not as he can arbitrarily dominate the time, to be a “do nothing” person? Why, for millenniums, we neither can nor can we forget the ancestral training of “Thirty and forty, not Perplexity?” Why not follow the crowd’s life is “abnormal”? Why is our childhood wishes, in the end, just a wish? Dreams smaller, but also great efforts, even small jewelry.

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6 elements to teach you how to pick and maintain Bulgari ring jewelry

1, choose the color: suitable for a Bulgari ring is made of gold and other non-ferrous metals melting alloy, Bulgari rings can be prepared according to the needs of a variety of colors, the most common Bulgari ring color yellow, White, pink, blue and so on. Today’s popular Bulgari ring is pink, also known as rose gold, the typical 18K rose gold is generally composed of 75% gold, 21% copper and about 4% silver, with its attractive colors, unique Appearance has become the new darling of many fashionable people. High-content rose gold is known as the crown of 22 Bulgari ring, is a coin with gold, 2, choose the style: temperament Bulgari ring jewelry variety, color, style, so we In the purchase of the time according to their own style and temperament to pick your favorite Bulgari ring jewelry. For example, the selection of different colors of K can be selected according to their own skin, the color of white people a variety of colors imitation rose gold bvlgari ring are more suitable, while those who are yellowish skin is suitable for wearing a white Bulgari ring Jewelry, brightening his own skin; like the selection of different Bulgari ring earrings can be based on his face to pick a different style.

2, regular wear regular wash In life, Bulgari ring jewelry worn for a long time will inevitably be stained with sweat stains, stains, so to imitation bvlgari pink gold ring jewelry for regular cleaning. Commonly used methods of cleaning: can be soaked in alcohol after a few minutes out, the general sweat scale will be out with the alcohol out, and then rinse with water can be dry. You can also use a neutral cleaning solution or a special jewelry cleaning solution to clean the Bulgari ring jewelry, 3, polishing care essential Bulgari ring jewelry also need to be regularly sent to the jewelry store, polished and fine plating processing, jewelry Can restore the initial bright light.

3, choose to work: Pay attention to the quality Buy Bulgari ring jewelry, we should pay more attention Bulgari ring jewelry workmanship, quality and other issues, for example, you can touch the jewelry welding, the corner is not lubricated, flat ; Bulgari ring necklace to see the chain buckle is not strong and so on. Others, there is a gold plated jewelry on the market, mostly made of silver or copper, the surface plated with gold, palladium and other metals, the appearance of platinum, Bulgari ring is not much difference, but the price and quality but a world of Generation, so we should pay attention to distinguish, how to maintain Bvlgari ring jewelry 1, away from the corrosive chemicals imitation bvlgari black and gold ring will wear after a long time will fade, lose the original luster, so we should pay more attention in the ordinary days Bvlgari ring jewelry conservation and cleaning. Bvlgari ring jewelry in the usual wearing process, we should pay attention to avoid contact with jewelry life with acid, alkali and other chemicals in the material and overheating conditions, acid, alkali material will erode Bvlgari ring surface. In addition to doing heavy physical activity and intense exercise, it is best not to wear Bvlgari ring jewelry, jewelry removed to remember the separate deposit.

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Dressed in the smoke of the twilight years, covering the past, when everything is restored to the original appearance, the only constant is the true love lingering fingerprints and the stars at the bottom of the eye, cartier love bracelet replica is a woman’s best Couples, Cartier Bracelets are given Aura and soul because of a woman, a woman radiant because of diamonds, infinite charm, Cartier Bracelets on the maintenance of various aspects of life will be involved, many people have a heart in your heart: Bath can wear Cartier bracelets it ? Xiaobian today for everyone to answer it.

Bath is not recommended fake cartier love bracelet is an essential modern ornament, but also as a symbol of love in each couple, the fingertips of couples shine, even single girls, are willing to wear a Small flowers to embellish their beauty, enhance the charm, Cartier bracelet love and beauty are so important, in the daily biochemical must also pay attention to the maintenance of Cartier bracelets, like wearing a bath can not wear the bracelet of Cartier, Xiao Bian’s answer is not recommended wearing a Cartier bracelet in the bath Oh, or take it first, shower and then wear better.

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Why can not you wear a fake bracelet cartier when taking a bath Why can not you wear a Cartier bracelet while bathing? First, if the Diamond Cartier bracelet, the value of high, each diamond ring is unique and has a profound moral, diamonds, Cartier bracelet mosaic parts, clothing and undressed on the way slightly hook will hook the clothes line And so on, causing unnecessary damage Cartier bracelets, as well as human skin is a certain sweat stains, and diamonds are very lipophilic, will adsorb the oil stick on the surface of the diamond, resulting in dim light Guanghua, the second , Even if it is not a diamond ring, just ordinary Cartier bracelet, shower bath bath because of the very slippery reason, may make Cartier bracelet inadvertently slipped into the bathroom seepage mouth, which is often the case must be caused alert.
Cartier bracelets can not do things love people must know how to maintain the Cartier bracelets, Cartier bracelets in order to keep Guanghua permanently, wearing Cartier bracelets can not do things, you know how much? Now on the market are mostly Cartier bracelet gold, platinum, K gold and other precious metals made of such metals than the average hardness of the metal, but still because of wear a long time, collision and other factors have a certain degree of wear and tear in Chengdu, so certain Care should be taken not to wear a Cartier Bracelet while doing household chores, heavy lifting and exercise to avoid touching bleach, cosmetics, perfumes and other substances that contain corrosive chemicals, which will oxidize and fade the Cartier bracelet, give birth to spots and a destiny The red line, Department of the world at both ends of you and I, so that the heart and the heart of the distance become within reach; a ring of love fake cartier bracelet, surrounded by two throbbing heart, so forever promise is no longer a dream, Cartier bracelet Care for its luster is particularly important to maintain, then take a bath can wear Cartier bracelet it? The answer lies in your heart.

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For most people, they are not very willing to compromise with the “classic”, and now many of the jewelry are classic to wear, classic style of jewelry, although durable, but no prominent features. To this end, many people have thought of custom ring, which in the custom cartier ring rose gold imitation, the important thing is to do custom ring work, then the ring can basically be successful. So for everyone we have questions, in the end where the ring custom worth it?

Of course, if you want to make a better imitation gold cartier ring customization, you can go to our detailed design. Cartier is more outstanding jewelry brand, is the first to open up online sales of diamond brands, Bingzheyou responsible for each consumer attitude and principles to operate, now also made good achievements, gain a lot of real Fans

Before making a copy cartier rose gold love ring custom, we must be clear what their favorite type is, like what elements, for example, some people like European and American style, while others prefer a little classic, and even can design a fake cartier love ring full of Chinese customs, Another important point is the material of the ring. Ring material can directly affect the use of the ring, so in this regard must be carefully considered.

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You can only buy one fake van cleef bracelet, okay?

When more and more people regard love as a fast food, there is a life only love a person’s true love culture is quietly spread out, all this is because the life can only buy once copy van cleef white gold bracelet, can only buy once bracelet good? How does it gradually attract fans, and eventually become a romantic proposal for a diamond ring?
Drbracelet brand culture can only buy once bracelet good? From the brand culture, Drbracelet is a precious existence. All copy bracelet van cleef and arpels proposed diamond ring adhere to a principle, that is, binding men’s identity card purchase, life can only be customized one, all the copy van cleef and arpels bracelets jewelry Life only send one person. Drbracelet brand Culture is a good quality of love, that is, persistence and special situation.
The price of a Dr Diamond ring can only be bought once bracelet how about the price? Diamond ring Price is a lot of people are concerned about the topic, but because the price of diamond bracelet by the diamond 4C other impact is particularly large, so the price of the Dr ID ring is not certain, from thousands of to millions of have, So judge a diamond ring good not to synthesize a variety of factors to consider.

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Bracelet in love plays a role in the importance of the degree is difficult to say, at the wedding to send her to buy only once bracelet good? copy van cleef & arpels bracelet proposed diamond ring can only buy once in a lifetime, if meet true love is good precious! Eric Tanabata bag shop Dr Diamond Ring Lock Me series Vanessa Poems wear Lockme new beauty even the air is sweet Eric send wife’s Tanabata gift meaning unexpectedly so romantic Eric Tanabata package shop?