Many of the first into the bezel’s friends are often very tangled, the table is still in a little understanding of the stage, although want to have a watch of their own, but too low-grade watches can not enter the eye, for the high price of watches And no ability to start. At this point, you do not look to stay in those luxury, the top of the watch, buy the table also need to step by step, if the step in place is a little less fun to explore. Next, the watch home for you to recommend several cost-effective pro-people watches, hoping to enter the bezel friends and those who enter the workplace friends, help.
Who said no good goods! Cost-effective men’s watch recommended
Midea male models series M901.408.76.037.10 watch
The United States intended to create a watch can be a close friend of your watch, the American watch watch philosophy is the combination of eternal design and practical functions rather than follow the trend. Amy table in the early twentieth century to enter the Chinese market, said the “meter” table, to go when the imitation Cartier jewelry precision of the automatic mechanical timing and excellent waterproof quality known. In 2000, MIDO in SWATCH Group under the “US degree” in the name of once again into China. Return to the Chinese market 11 years of the United States, always full of extraordinary innovation, the classic for the eternal stay.
Table recommended: the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, 39 mm dial with rose golden time scale, mapped on double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror above, distinguished atmosphere, warm introverted. Slender rose gold pointer, endlessly running, low-key introverted. Watch has a basic time indicator function, the calendar display window is located in the direction of three o’clock, six o’clock direction “swiss made” characters, highlight the brand’s high quality. Watch with a crown close to the case, sapphire crystal glass wear resistance.

Straight ear strap strap, dark brown calfskin straps gentle, shape and highlight the overall style of the unique beauty and noble temperament, with 18k rose gold folding buckle, worn on the wrist comfortable and beautiful. Watch carrying ETA 2824-2 movement, power reserve 38 hours. Each circle of the pointer across the meaning of one after another full of endless wishes, ticking light movement of the movement seems to pass the sound of the ears of the blessing.
Tissot with more than 150 years of traditional Swiss watchmaking process and innovative design spirit, sales in the world among the best, is the leader in the Swiss watch industry. In many brand series, Liluo Ke is the most well known, not only because of its elegant design, but also to meet people’s minds of the price.
Recommended: Tissot LE LOCLE series T41.1.423.33 watch is a very common series, but careful observation, it has a lot of classic elements, it is a very low price in the taste of the table The Watch dial design simple but not simple, white dial with slender willow pointer, Rome time scale, filling retro taste. Calendar Replica Cartier jewelry display window is located in the direction of three o’clock, at 12 o’clock position has a brand logo, figures on behalf of Tissot from 1853, said its long tabulation history, 6 o’clock position is very artistic series of logo, chic elegant.

From the side, the watch case after a fine polished, smooth and rounded. Black calfskin strap with double butterfly buckle, comfortable to wear, highlight the man grade. In the power, Tissot T41.1.423.33 watch carrying ETA 2824-2 movement, which movement is recognized by the industry has a good quality movement. 2824-2 movement is a modified version of the ETA 2824 movement, can be said to be a small upgrade, it only needs to be a little meticulous grinding can easily through the Observatory certification. Which movement can be described as inexpensive, stable performance, low price, is a good entry-level choice. Power storage 38 hours, water depth of 30 meters, to meet the daily wear needs.
There are a lot of friends around the Rossini watch has also favored plus, this brand is very suitable for young people to wear. Rossini in the “made Chinese watches, a world famous brand, do a hundred years old” strong faith to support, continue to do brand addition. With the experience in the field of professional watchmaking technology and brand operation, it has formed unique advantages in R & D, channel, service and supplier cooperation, and has the advantages of personalized design, excellent quality and excellent performance. The market has a good brand awareness, reputation and loyalty, enjoy a high reputation, loved by hundreds of millions of consumers.
Table size recommended: Rossini Ya respect business Gemini series 7485W04B watch size is very consistent with the Chinese men’s wrist standard, 41 mm case is not small is suitable for the black dial also appears to be more calm wearer. To stainless steel as the main material of the body, make it more tough. The viscous balance wheel on the dial makes it look more mechanical and makes it more dynamic. There are two small dial on the dial, one of which is used to display the second time zone, and the other is a small seconds, dual time zone function for love travel or travel friends is very convenient.

The back of the design also with Chinese elements, five bat on behalf of the five blessing, a brave represents the wealthy treasure. With silver stainless steel bracelet, metal strap long-term wear may be stains, you can use soft brush brush brush stains can be, if the brush is not clean you can use a neutral detergent to scrub the water, then wipe with a soft cloth. The price of 3,460 yuan, suitable for the new workplace of the new advanced, this section if the match with the dress, will be able to show men’s taste and cultivation.
In order to meet the part of the shape and function of the desire, and finally to introduce a Casio watch, Casio watch on behalf of the vitality, young, stylish, multi-functional brand image has been deeply rooted. Products with innovative features not only improve people’s daily lives, promote social progress, but also for people to bring joy and convenience.
This Casio series EQW-T1010DC-1A watch has a racing speed of the three-dimensional dial design, filling high-end temperament: dial three o’clock position of the dial dial pointer countdown, showing the time and alarm time, six Point clock position with a large visual drop out of the fan-shaped 24-hour pointer and date window, the unique timing of the trolley is located at nine o’clock pull, the overall design style ingenuity. In addition, the bezel and strap coated with IP ion coating, the lower left bottom of the dial using carbon fiber material and other elements.

Watch with TOUGH MOVEMENT tough movement, with six innings to receive radio function, with the pointer position automatically corrects, greatly enhance the accuracy, coupled with solar power function, is a very powerful performance watch, leading the technological trend. This watch also EQW-T1010DB-1A style, silver, black and white, can be equipped with leather or suits, to create tough elite men shape. Whether the company’s business meeting, or high-end crowd of elite, Casio EQW-T1010 series is one of your best choice.
Watch is not just a tool for recording time, it is a style and spiritual interpretation. Each watch the birth of the brand embodies the intentions of the design, carrying the brand’s historical accumulation, the share of the watch and the timing of the persistent pursuit of the design of the watch master constantly open up new roads, the introduction of new watches The When you need a watch, be sure to go to the store to personally understand it, get started to experience it, whenever you walk into the world of watches and clocks, will be unconsciously in love with it. More than a few watches for your reference, the vast table, there is always a suitable for you that is welcome to click on the watch table related to the introduction of the table.