After the first boutique opened, wrist has always been a very important part of tiffany, who have to say it is difficult to have in the field of wrist watch like tiffany will so accurately grasp the era style, open the tiffany’s brief history of time, will let you amazing. Have a patek Imitation Van Cleef Butterfly Braceletphilippe and tiffany double standard wrist watch 1854 In the salesroom, with tiffany and wrist watch Patek Philippe double target price is very high, this is because as early as in 1854, Mr Tiffany and Patek Philippe’s two founders, Mr Patek Philippe and signed a partnership agreement and opened a tabulation workshop in Geneva. Tiffany as patek first retail agents in the United States, the agreement continues to this day. “Tiffany Timer” came out in 1868, is the first time a stopwatch in the United States, used in engineering science and technology and sports Imitation Van Cleef Fly Beauties Butterfly Necklaceevent timing. 1874 Tiffany since 1847 selling watches and clocks, until 1874, tiffany Cornavin square in Geneva to build an industry leading the four layers of tabulation factory and retail stores. There, tiffany also produced a large number of different styles of the plan to meet the increasing customer needs, including gold pocket watch, the advanced machine can realize the hour and reappeared the time; The fine diamond brooch table; When other meter works or decorated with enamel material countryside paintings, or with a mythical figure and flower patterns, and carefully crafted using crown. 1875 Tiffany made wrist watch the first patent on the technology innovation. Only in their early 20 s famous tiffany gemologists George Kunz too green luminous coating on the label and pointer has Imitation Van Cleef Between the Finger Ringapplied for patent. 1983 The Atlas? Wrist watch series, sense of spirit from Atlas hercules clock using Roman numerals. Three-dimensional Roman numeral timing become a classic sign of tiffany’s wrist. 1893 1889 Paris world expo, tiffany many works, including by the then chief designer Paulding Farnham flowers as inspiration for design of jewelry and watches won the highest award, with diamonds and enamel painted pink flowers at the same time also reflects the social popular art nouveau style at that time. In addition tiffany table boxes and astronomical clock fair in Chicago in 1893, the same shine brilliantly. 1920 Tiffany art deco design by the wrist watch and jewelry is popular the thirties of the 20th century. 1939 New York world expo in 1939, tiffany exhibited a series of stunning coral diamond and cocktail style more style bold chronometer, such as geometry line, adorned with ruby gold-plated trapezoidal wrist watch. At the same time a ladies handbags clock Tiffany inspired 2015 East West watches the birth of the series. In this year’s exhibition SIHH table, earl, vacheron constantin, Roger dubuis, Cartier watch brand rolls out the precious metal material, from the pocket watch Imitation Van Cleef Between the Finger Ringperiod to the fifties and sixties of the 20th century, precious metals (gold, rose gold, platinum, etc.) material was all the rage, become dignitaries, members of the royal family, love, and with the impact of the quartz movement and all sorts of new material research and development, once cast in the role of watch gradually declined. In recent years, because of the collection, the auction market, especially the enthusiasm for gold investment, let the watch once again become the mainstream of the market. Brands have launched a limited edition watch, earl, Cartier brand also constantly draw inspiration from the ancient gold process, stop watch formality to look like. What should buy what kind of watch to hedging? What is the different watch made of? This BAZAAR Jewelry as you detailed talk about gold watch those thing, ensure you spend big price is right! Look from the global scope, the watch has hundreds of years. A lot of gold as cultural relics witnessing the historical vicissitude. Supply on China in the late of Ming dynasty, western missionaries wanli a group gift, including a big a little they, as a result, the Palace Museum has the first watch collection. To the qing dynasty, from the emperor to noble all fans of various kinds of exquisite pocket watch. Such as the emperor kangxi used to test the performance of western clock sundial, the result is very impressive. The move virtually became a successful western watch industry advertising campaign. Qianlong years, out of the qianlong himself the obsession with clocks and watches, office set up the “clock”, invite hundreds of people specializing in the import trade of western clocks and automatic dolls. Then, almost all the royal ministers tried to through various channels to purchase clock or watch, when the basic are gold pocket watch.Fake Panthere de Cartier Necklace Not just in China, the birthplace of Europe in clocks and watches, table is an art and cultural heritage. The famous queen of Naples (napoleon’s sister) have a passion for archaeology, opera and fashion, also has a special liking for clocks and watches. Queen of Naples lifetime ordered 34 pieces of breguet watches, is absolutely breguet’s best customers. To treasure ji in 1810 on the day of her birthday, she ordered two very special meter as a birthday present. One is complicated watches have asked table function, ordering a bracelet with additional charge an extra 5000 francs, orders for No. No. 2639. After receiving orders, 17 craftsmen with the whole time in about two and a half years to complete the two tables. Naples specially designed the queen asked “long oval bangle type table” rare adopted elliptic watchcase design. Breguet museum in Paris, brand stored in the customer file can be found on page 29 this wrist watch order record, in order to clarify its adopting lever escapement and comes with a thermometer. Now the watch has disappeared is difficult to trace, only treasure ji a transcript of the historical data copies only bring us endless imagination: it is an unprecedented new ultra thin wrist structure, combined with the complicated function and q table oval watches, equipped with with gold thread woven chain belt. In the 1851 world expo in London, Britain’s queen Victoria is selected and bought a patek philippe table. It USES the new rotary handle bag table draped in a set have 13 gold pin, the diamond, enamel blue watch cover roses adorned with diamonds. At that time, the queen’s husband, prince Albert, who is also the choose and buy a patek philippe table a shot. Celebrity buy high-quality goods, patek philippe thus laid its aristocratic status. Patek philippe is still the world only use manual refined, and can finish all in original tabulation process manufacturers, and clung to the traditional process of the clock. The Swiss watch industry according to the traditional manufacturing technique for seven kinds of traditional tabulation technology “Geneva”, meaning that a combination of designers, watches and clocks, goldsmith, bracelet, sculptor, porcelain artists and traditional technology of the jeweler. Patek philippe convinced that produced by this kind of craft master’s hand watches are unique art treasures, and it is also a patek philippe watch the characteristic to be proud of. Noble politicians still favor gold watch Gold has always been peers have first choice, at this point, Chinese and western elites unprecedented consensus. Such as former us first lady Jacqueline Kennedy and Hollywood superstar Elizabeth Taylor celebrity stars very favour the earl of wrist watch. Mrs. Kennedy has an earl’s gold watch, gold bracelet, green jade dial, whether to go out to visit or within the White House, people always see her wearing this beautiful watch. Today’s fashion Icon Kate princess dress taste deeply, in addition to the luxury royal jewelry, her favorite is Cartier watch brand, a blue balloon wrist watch is prince William in third wedding anniversary gift to her. Twenty years ago, princess Diana also favours the Cartier, a Cartier watch total of “tank” with her. Today’s politics love watches when vladimir putin, Russia’s opposition once made a short film, according to short, Mr Putin has at least 11 pieces of world top watches, one of the most expensive lundgren watch is worth $500000. Watch the big different 1 local tyrants favorite gold Gold is a metal with interesting properties, easy processing, has the very good corrosion resistance (also highly polished). Because gold is soft, platinum and watch usually join other metal made of hard alloy, with the most in history is a 14 k and 18 k gold (24 in the metal gold containing 14 and 18 respectively, and the other for other metals such as copper, silver, and gold content of 58% and 75% respectively, because the colour and lustre of silver and copper and gold are similar, so again with pure molten alloy not only keep the gold “color”, and the hardness increase many, can withstand the pull from the strap). 2 low-key security rose gold Rose gold, watch case with 750 pure gold + 250 bronze, pure gold content is constant, but because the percentage increase of copper, alloy slightly red color, therefore rose gold. Although the name of the red gold, rose gold, pink gold can change with each other, but in fact the three gold or copper content differences – the more copper, the heavier it red. Increased to 10% when the content of silver, copper content to 15% or so, the color will be relatively weak or partial powder. Today, there are different Numbers to define its chroma change 3 n rose gold (composition of 75% pure gold plus 13% silver and 13% copper), 4 n rose gold (composition of 75% pure gold plus 9% silver and 9% copper), 5 n rose gold (composition of 75% gold and 75% silver and 20.5% copper. 3 is expensive in the platinum First need to correct, although all call gold, platinum and gold, rose gold composition is completely different, is another kind of precious metal. Relative to the gold and rose gold, platinum is the most precious in the wrist watch, I’m afraid the TAB material, only the famous brand in the world will choose platinum as materials. And only the platinum content is more than 850 ‰ TAB material to proprietary marks – Pt with platinum. In the market, platinum prices rose gold and a large margin, therefore, platinum watches generally higher than the price of gold wrist watch and rose gold wrist watch, production is also very limited. Together the world’s platinum reserves is only able to fill a three-bedroom. 1 ounce of platinum from dozens of tons of platinum ore after 5 months to refine out.