I am an orphan, perhaps the result of patriarchal, perhaps the product of male love and love. It was Zheye who picked me home. That year, he implemented the policy from the countryside back to the city, saw me at the garbage dump of the station, a beautiful, quiet little baby girl, many people around, he went forward, the baby girl smiled at him. He gave me a home and gave me a beautiful name, Tao Shu. Later, he said, I smiled at the beginning, and I was able to claim the peaches and smoldering. Zheye’s life was extremely mournful. His parents were all scholars who returned to China, but they did not escape the cultural catastrophe. Both of them repented in the resentment. Zheye naturally could not be spared. It was distributed to the countryside, and Laoyan, a girlfriend who had been in love for many years, was separated. He has been alone since then, and picked me up when he returned to the city at the age of 35. I Guan Zheye is called Uncle. Childhood is not too unpleasant in my memory. Only get rid of one thing. When I was at school, there were several naughty male students in the class who yelled at me, ‘wild species,’ and I cried home and told Zheye. The next day, Zhe Ye specially took me out of school and asked the boys: Who said she was wild? When the little boy saw the tall and burly Zheye, he did not dare to speak out. Zheye sneered: Who will say this next time, let me hear it, I will flatten him! Someone is jealous, she is not born to you, it is a wild species. Zhe Ye took my hand and smiled back: but I still love her more than my own daughter. Do not believe which one stood up and showed me, whose clothes have her beauty? Whose shoes and bags are better than her? She drinks milk every morning to eat bread. What do you eat? The children were suddenly discouraged. Since then, no one has ever told me that it is a wild species. When I am older, I always laugh at this when I think about it. My life is much more fortunate than the average orphan. My favorite place is the study. The book full of the house, under the bright big window is the desk of Zheye. When there is the sun, the silhouette of Xuan Ang, who focuses on his work, looks like a pair of backlit paintings. I always look for books myself and find them on the ***.


 go to work Replica Cartier Jewelry Wholesale After a while, Zheye will look back at me, his smile is more harmonious than the sun outside the winter window. When I was tired, I was kneeling on his shoulder and quietly watching him write a picture. He laughed: When I grow up, do you do this? I grinned: I don’t want to, it’s so dark, dirty and dirty. Ah, I forgot to say that Zheye is a construction engineer. But the wind and the sun will not damage his appearance. He is always gentle and clean, and handsome. Intermittent, not a woman who wants to enter the life of Zheye. When I was eight years old, once, Zheye almost had to talk to a woman about marriage. The woman is a teacher, smart and beautiful. I don’t know why I don’t like her. I always think that the smile on her face is posted. Zhe Ye is here. She smiles sweetly and tenderly to me. If she doesn’t, the smile will disappear. I am afraid of her. One day I was reading a picture book on the balcony. She asked me: What about your relatives? Haven’t seen you at once? I stayed and looked at her and didn’t know what to say. She snorted twice and said that this child, stupid, no wonder they don’t want you. I stopped, suddenly Zheye Tieqing came over and took my hand and went back to the room without saying anything. In the evening, I was alone in the quilt and wept. Zhe Ye came in and held me, not afraid, not crying. Later, I no longer see the woman coming to our house. Later, I heard that Zhe Fei, a good friend of Zheye, asked him, how is it good and scattered? Zhe Ye said that this woman’s heart is not right, she married her, and she will not have a good life in the future. Qiu Fei said, you still can’t forget Ye Lan. I remember this name firmly at the age of eight. When I was older, I knew that Ye Lan was the girlfriend of Zhe Ye. We have been living together. Zheye handled everything well, including letting me go through puberty in a smooth and healthy way. After I was admitted to college, I lived at school because the school was far away from home, and I went home on weekends. Zhe Ye sometimes asks me: Is there a boyfriend? I always smile and don’t make a sound. There are a few boys in the school who still like to calculate the color around me, but I can’t look good with one eye: A is tall and handsome, but unsatisfactory results are three-way; B is good, eloquence is also very good, but the appearance is ordinary; The homework looks good, but the temperament is like a coward… I rarely talk to male students. In my eyes, they are all childish and superficial. When they are too late, they want to show the best side, too much trace, and lose stability. On the 20th birthday, the gift that Zheye gave me was a ruby ​​ring. This kind of sporadic jewelry, Zheye has already started to buy it for me. His statement is: The girl is big and needs a few decent things to decorate. After dinner, he accompanied me to the mall, what I like, buy it right away. After returning to school, I found that my classmates like to talk about me behind the scenes. I am not in my heart. Because of my own life, I have been used to talking about it. Until one day a good female student pulled me privately: they said that you have a boyfriend who is much older than you? I am inexplicable: Who said it? She said: It is said that several people have seen it. You are shopping with him, and you are very affectionate! It’s no wonder that you can’t look down on these poor boys. It turned out to be a brother! I thought a little, my face slowly reddened, and after a while I laughed: they misunderstood. I did not explain. Sitting quietly reading a book, the heat on my face does not fade for a long time. Go home on the weekend and clean up as usual. Zheye’s room was very clean, and a sweater he wore was placed on the edge of the bed. It was a piece of beige coffee, and it was a gray chicken collar when I bought it. I picked this one. At that time, Zhe Ye said with a smile, OK, it depends on you. It seems that Xiaoyan is too old for me to dress up young. I slowly stacked the dress and smiled and thought about some trivial things. In the next period of time, I found that Zheye’s mental state was very good. He walked with a light footstep and occasionally heard him sing some songs. It was a bit like when I was admitted to college. I am wondering. On Friday, I received a call from Zheye, asking me to go home early and go out to have dinner with him. He shaved his clothes. I am suspicious: Someone help you introduce your girlfriend? Zhe Yexiao: I am old, and I am talking about my girlfriend. You are Uncle Qiu, and there is also an old friend who has been for many years. You will call her Aunt Ye for a while. I know that it must be Ye Lan. Zhe Ye on the road told me that Qiu Fei had contacted Ye Lan some time ago. Her husband died a few years ago. This time I saw it again, I feel it is OK. If there is no accident, they are ready to get married. I did not care, and gradually felt that my feet were cold and slowly spread upward. When I arrived at the hotel, I looked at Ye Lan objectively: it was slightly fat, but it was not bloated. There was still a bit of youthfulness in the eyebrows. Compared with women of the same age, she certainly had an advantage. But with the standing of Zheye, she looks much older. She is very kind to me, very kind, a pair of love houses and black. I came to Jiazheye and asked me: What do you think of Aunt Ye? I said: You are all planning to get married, of course I said it. I blinked until I fell asleep in the early hours of the morning. I am sick when I return to school. Fever, holding on to refuse to take classes, only to feel top-heavy, finally fell to the classroom. Woke up, I was lying in the hospital, hanging the bottle, and Zheye sat next to the book. I am tired of laughing: Where is this? Zheye came to touch my head nervously: I finally woke up, the virus turned to pneumonia, and your child was always careless. I laugh: To be sick, what are the ways to be careful? In addition to going to work, Zheye is in the hospital. Every time I wake up from a drow, I immediately search for someone who wants to see it immediately. I heard him and Ye Lantong call: I am sick, I have no time in these few days, I will contact you when she is ready. I am a cold smile, if I am sick, I can let him guard me every day, then why can’t I stay sick? I stayed home for a week before I went home. Zheye placed a squat at the door of my room and lay on it at night. When I was a little moved, he climbed up and visited. When I think of it, when I was a little smaller, my cot was placed in the room of Zheye. I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and I fumbled for myself. But Zheye always heard it quickly, helped me turn on the light and said :夭夭 Be careful. I didn’t sleep until I went to elementary school. Ye Lan bought a lot of flowers and fruits to visit me. I politely thank her. The dishes she made were delicious, but I couldn’t eat them. I went back to the room early and lie down. I am dreaming. I dreamed that Zhe Ye and Ye Lan were finally married. They were very young. Ye Lan was very beautiful in white gauze, and my big man was actually a flower girl. Zhe Ye smiled happily, but he didn’t look back at me. I clearly smelled the lily fragrance on the bridal bouquet… I sat up and woke up. Half a squat, lay back, desperately close your eyes. In the darkness, I heard Zheye walk in, and then the small lamp on the bedside opened. He sighed: What dreams? Cried so badly. I am sleeping, but the tears are like leaking faucets, dripping down the corners of my eyes. The warm fingers of Zheye went to draw tears again and again, but they couldn’t stop. The disease has been lingering for ten days. When I recovered, I and I have lost a big circle. He said: Still come home to live, so many people in the school, a dormitory, the air is not good. He drives me a motorcycle every day. His face is close to his back, and his heart is always fascinated. Ye Lan never came to our house again. After a long, long period of time, I was convinced that Ye Lan, like the female teacher, was a past tense. I graduated smoothly and took office. I am happy, peaceful, and there is no side, only me and Zheye. Since I can’t say anything, it is good to maintain the status quo. But God refused to give me such long-lasting happiness. Zheye fainted on the construction site. The doctor diagnosed is advanced liver cancer. I am so anxious, but still know to ask the doctor very calmly: How many days? The doctor said: One year, maybe a little longer. I took Zheye home. He is not in bed, I go to work during the day, please take care of an hour, at noon and at night, take care of him by myself. Zhe Ye said with a smile: Look, I am dragged down, it should have been a date with my boyfriend. I also laugh: boyfriend? That is not the only time in Wanshui. I have had dinner every day, and I went out for a walk with Zheye. I am holding his arm. In addition to being thinner than in the past, he is still tall and handsome. In the eyes of outsiders, this is not a picture of a family. Only me, under the beautiful appearance, can see the cruel reality. I am sober and sad, I can clearly see that the last days of me and Zheye are disappearing day by day. Zheye is very calm and lives as usual. Reading books, design drawings. The hourly worker said that he spends most of his time in the study room every day. I like the study more and more. After the meal, always make a cup of tea, sit opposite Zheye, play chess, play a game of poker. Then help Zheye organize his materials. He stipulated that there was a stack of things that prevented me from moving. I’m curious. Finally, one day he peeked while he was away. That is a thick couple of diaries. ‘There are two front teeth, picking her up from work, shaking and rushing to ask me to hold.’ ‘My tenth birthday, I wish to say that Uncle Zheye is always young. I am open-minded, Xiaoxi, she is really a solution to my lonely career.’ ‘Today, I sent it to the university, and she took the lead in everything. I was surprised that she had grown into a beautiful girl, and I, drooping. I hope that her life will not be as lonely as I am.’ “Qiu Fei told me about Ye Lan’s current situation, but meeting is not as good as I imagined. She is a lot older, although the elegance of her youth has not changed. She has not concealed the good feelings left for me.” ‘Pneumonia. I kept calling my name when I was asleep, but I woke up but only shed tears on me. I was shocked. I didn’t expect the impact of marrying Ye Lan on her.’ ‘Send back to school, I feel that my back is cool, I take off my clothes and check it, only to find that it is so wet. Hey, this child.’ ‘The doctor announced that I have one year left in my life. I am not afraid, but hey, she is a big thing for me. After I die, how to make her healthy and happy life is my primary consideration.’ I held the diary book and my tears fell. It turned out that he knew it. He knew it. In a few days, the stack of books was gone. I know that Zhe Ye has already dealt with it. He didn’t want me to know that he knew my mind, but he didn’t know I already knew it. Zheye is the spring of the second year. At the end of the dying, he held my hand and said: I originally wanted to hand you over to a good boy, and watched him help you wear a ring before you left. It was too late. I smile. He forgot, my ring, he bought it for me when he was twenty. There is a letter in the desk drawer, a few short sentences: Hey, I went, I can think of me, but don’t always think of me, you can live in peace and peace, it is the greatest comfort to me. uncle. I didn’t cry too dark. Woke up in the middle of the night, I seem to still hear him say: Be careful. When I was sorting out the sundries in the study, I found a dusty pottery in the corner of the cupboard. It was very simple and interesting. I took it out, washed it, and stayed there. There was no decoration on it. There were only four sentences: Jun I was born, I was born old. Hate not to be born at the same time, good day and day. At this time, my tears, rushing down unscrupulously. The wind is not as good as you I still remember seeing each other. You look a smile, warm like the spring breeze in March. The fine wrinkles on the forehead are vivid and bright. I don’t dare to look at you more, but I can’t believe it after I look at you. You are the good person I have been looking for for many years. I don’t believe in online dating. It’s not easy to add anyone. However, just watching your space, you will add a friend to you, and then silently pay attention to you for a long time, but never chat with you. Later, when I finally replaced the old Apple 3 with a new mobile phone, I was familiar with you with WeChat. What attracts me is not your handsome appearance, but your wise talk and indifferent feelings. In such a busy world, you are alone in a life of low and lonely, light and heart-warming that others do not understand. Your words are as warm as jade, and your character is faint and clean. It is the gentleman I have always admired. In this way, we have known each other for two years and have talked for more than half a year. One day, I said, I want to see you; you laugh, I also want to see you. At that time, there was a rumor that the male netizen had beaten the female netizen because of the ugliness of the female netizen. I sent you a photo, and you said that the important thing is the connotation. I said that if you are both internal and external, isn’t it the best? I think, I am still a person inside and outside, right? Your work is not as easy as me. I took a winter vacation, bought a ticket, and flew to your city. In this way, at the airport, the first time I saw you, it was really, gentle and jade. In the evening, we went for a walk along the river near the residence. Crossing the road, you naturally take my hand, like a lover for many years. Guangzhou’s night sky, clear and clean, the stars shine brightly, and in my city, the smog is sometimes serious to the sky a lead gray. At this moment, at this moment, the spring breeze, spring water, reminds me of Feng Tang’s poem ‘Spring water is born, Chunlin is at the beginning, and the spring breeze is not as good as you.’ Yes, the spring breeze is not as good as you. Later, there were too many things in your unit, and I accompanied you back to your dormitory. Your dorm is as simple as a bed with a sofa and a wardrobe. I said, you are a sip of a cup of tea, you nod your head, I like this quiet life, people are unbearable, I am not happy. You said, the first time we met, it was supposed to be in a high-end coffee house, drinking coffee, and I was screaming at the sea, letting you listen to it; but how did you pay attention to it, it became a rice oil? Yeah, haven’t started romance yet, suddenly falling to the trivial and trivial? However, I did not expect that in the trivial, we felt the true taste of love. When you go to work, I stay in the dorm room, arrange your dormitory to be swayed, wash your clothes clean, and hope to keep my breath for a long time. During that time, you were very happy. You said that when you enter the house, you will have a loved one. No matter how tired you feel, you will feel happy. You said that someone feels good to wash clothes. You don’t have to do it. You can wear a refreshing day to go to work Replica Cartier Jewelry Wholesale. We will work together. Eat your family’s super-difficult meal, you always give me the best dish silently, sorry to say that I am wronged; we snuggle on the sofa to chat, Haibei Tiannan, there is no ride, I The little joy in my heart is one by one; you call me a fool, take me to see your friends with a pet, let them make a right-click, ‘Da Ying’; after you get off work, we hold hands to the nearby small The market is going to be summer, and I feel that the years have turned to 18 years old. Then, it is separation, which is the same as Acacia. You are not warm, sometimes you will not say a word to me when you are busy for a day. Wechat QQ has no sound, the phone calls and hangs because you are in a meeting. And I, constantly deny myself, constantly suffer from loss, constantly questioning you, and questioning me. I will meet you again the second time. I will tell you all about it. You said, you should know that because you are good enough, I will like you; you say, you must always learn to love yourself first, and always learn to be kind to yourself; you say, treat each feeling with a normal heart, everyone, you Will you gain more; you say, it’s yours after all, don’t worry about how many roads are in the middle… In your encouragement, in your persecution, I’m finally no longer thinking all day long. You, I started to restore, I didn’t know your life before: reading, writing, drinking coffee with friends, going to the gym to do sports, going to the library, going to travel… Then, you often call, and once, I always call you; you say, look, isn’t it the best girl now? You are so good, how can I be willing to not want you? By the Qixi Festival, we have been meeting for half a year. Has it been half a year? Only half a year? The years of the mountains and rivers, the long way to come, from the first side of seeing you, I will be your lover Buy Cheap Cartier love bracelet, my loved ones. I work hard to be the best myself, in the hope of standing side by side with you, watching this bustling and lonely world. In this life, no matter how cool the world is, I would like to accompany you through the next day, the west window cuts the candle, the silver bowl is snow, the red mud is small, and the tea is cooked in the oven. Just because the spring breeze is not as good as you, Yes, no one is better than you, in my heart.