In the hot summer, introduce a fresh and elegant cross-stitch necklace fashion jewelry, so that you can maintain a good mood every day. This is a small blue embroidered cloth, green and white embroidery thread embroidered into a light flower, the pendant diameter is about 4.3 cm / 1.7, the total length of the silver chain is 40 cm / 16, very elegant cross stitch necklace Fashion jewellery Replica Cartier Love Earrings, in such a hot summer day, wearing a long white dress with DIY’s elegant cross-stitch pendant necklace, it must be cool. Fresh and elegant cross stitch necklace fashion jewelry Fresh and elegant cross stitch necklace fashion jewelry Fresh and elegant cross stitch necklace fashion jewelry Fresh and elegant cross stitch necklace fashion jewelry The Spring Auction of Magnificent Jewelry and Jade Jewelry presents the Hutton-Mdivani Necklace, a collection of legendary ladies and famous collectors, Barbara Hutton (1912-1979). It is expected that the transaction price will exceed US$12 Replica Cartier Love Rings.8 million. 27 of the necklaces are believed to be from the late Qing Dynasty. The jadeite jade beads are of outstanding origin, and the necklaces are magnificent. The necklace itself is passed down to the upper class in the West and is regarded as the most precious jade jewelry in the history of auction. The 27 ‘Old Pit’ jade beads are perfectly matched, green and soft, ranging in diameter from 19.2 mm to 15.4 mm. They are large and incomparable.

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They are full of imperial style and are rare treasures of the world; plus Cartier ( Cartier’s inlaid ruby-encrusted cufflinks exemplify the extraordinary identity and temperament of its owner over the centuries. Guo Jinyao, Vice President of Sotheby’s Asia and Chairman of the Asia Department of Jewelry Department, said: ‘We are very honored to be entrusted by the legendary ladies and famous collectors in the ‘Magnificent Jewelry and Jade Jewelry’ spring auction held in Hong Kong on April 7. ——Barbara Hutton’s old natural jade bead necklace. The ‘Old Pit’ jade jade beads on the chain are amazing in weight, and the jade quality is superb. It is a model of superior jade, so the necklace is regarded as the most precious jade in auction history. The jewelry is deserved. This beautiful jade bead necklace contains the fascinating history of the upper class in the West from the late Qing Dynasty in China, and at the beginning of the last century. It is sure to attract a lot of jewels and jade collectors.’ Legendary lady Barbara Hutton is the granddaughter of American retail giant Frank Winfield Woolworth, one of the few Western celebrities who are known for their love and collection of jade. At the age of 21, Barbara Hutton, who is known as ‘Hundreds of Baby’, is one of the richest women in the world. She is a high-spirited woman. She has a bright life, a bell and a jewel, and her taste is noble and elegant. Her collection includes famous The jewellery brand’s precious custom-made boutiques and the most prominent royal aristocratic jewels, including the natural pearl necklace worn by Queen Marie Antoinette. This jadeite necklace from Barbara Hutton was born in 1933 when she married the prince Alexis Mdivani at the age of 20, and her father made a special wedding gift for her in Cartier. Regarding the question of ‘wool hook flower necklace’, more than one person has expressed doubts on the Internet. Some people will ask: how to use the crochet hook necklace to illustrate, some people will ask: Seeking a pattern of various styles of necklace rope weaving. Some people even ask: The necklace is always hooked to the wool of the clothes. Is there any good way to remove the wool of the necklace? So how is this problem solved? Xiao Bian in the attitude of providing better service for netizens, collected some information on the Internet, I hope to help users. First of all, some netizens have provided a better solution for the yarn hook flower necklace. 4 more dice Then hook four needles. 1: First hook a unit flower, and like the third circle, a corner is hooked again, just add two long needles per circle. This unit was completed, I was a group of 6 units of flowers connected together: and the expanded yarn 6-inch icon, first hooked 5 needles. Finally, the knitting method of the broken sofa cushion is also very simple, and then hook the 4-pin tweezers. The following is a detailed production diagram. My illustration is detailed enough, the first hook is hooked, and then the unit flowers can be put together, 4 The angles are the same number of stitches: the second circle changes the line, this is the first corner Crochet cushion DIY detailed illustration. On the 5th line, then hook a long needle on the far side of the corner, and want to make the flower bigger and more hooks, so I hook the unit flower of one line or two lines first, then connect it with a white line. Together, in short, the unit is finished: the circle is finished, and the hook is taken down below Replica Cartier Love Bracelets, and the hook is taken down, and then the needle is hooked, because the hook unit is always used. Feel a bit monotonous, into four corners Crochet cushion DIY detailed illustration,  This does not feel boring, and the replacement line and the first line are fixed to avoid off-line. Hand-woven sofa cushions. Then hook the second lap, just add two long needles. It is also possible to hook a four-needle long needle in the first empty space according to the size of the sofa. 0 crochet yarn, you like to weave you can do it, it may be a bit messy, first hook 4 needles, so then you have to break the line, hook a circle Hand-woven sofa cushion: one circle is finished Then hook the fourth lap. This part of the change of the line is finished, and the first time is done with 4 needles. When you hook one lap, connect it first. Then go back to the front and start hooking the third circle. The hook method is similar to the first few lines, and grasp the size of the flower. I used a line of links, then hooked the first corner, into a corner, and the bottom edge went to the corner of the hook: the second corner of the hook, the first 8 rounds of a braid 2, the line can be fixed on the back, the first corner and the second corner of the cabinet 2 needles, then hook 2 needles, first hook 5 needles! Tool, flower with yellow: The tutorial is as follows. Finally, we must connect the unit flowers, and then hook 4 needle long needles, then 4 needle long needles, 4 needles. From the corner of the 4-pin tweezers, hook the 4-needle long needle: 2, then hook a long needle, the big flower uses the green line, and the next circle has to hook the original green.